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  Top Line Farms is located in Central Illinois about 15 miles south of Peoria. We strive to produce eye appealing cattle that will compete at any level while maintaining maternal strengths that make great cows. We have put together a set of cows that will function in any climate and be versatile enough for all parts of the country. 

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Equine Specialist
American Saddlebred Horses (multiple positions)

Minimum Requirements and Qualifications:
• A minimum of three years’ experience in the highest level of competitive training and showing of American Saddlebred Horses.

Primary Duties:
• Train American Saddlebred Horses to compete at the highest level in national and international competitions to attract universal attention and favor to our business operations and to solidify our position as one of the world’s leading American Saddlebred Horse operations;
• Design, develop, and implement sophisticated training programs based upon our horses’ specific origins, behaviors, disease histories, genetics, nutrition, and exercise programs; and,
  • Implementation and continuing improvement of complex programs to enhance competitiveness and overall value of horses;

Additional Information:
• Top Line Farms’ Equine Specialist – American Saddlebred Horses will have the option of rent-free housing for the proposed employee and immediate family members.

Submit Resume to:
Elizabeth Mathers, Owner Top Line Farms - 9397 Springfield Road, Tremont, IL 61568
9397 Springfield Road • Tremont, Illinois 61568 • 309-925-7711 • Libby Matters: 309-303-0217 • Tom Mathers: 309-645-3292
Ryan Malone: 309-335-2658 • Garrett Lampe: 309-620-1608
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